RECLAIMED WOOD PLANKS (25 sq ft bundles)


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When checking out, $175 is for 1 bundle. (25 sq ft) if you need 4 bundles for example you will type 4. ($700) priced at $7 per sq ft including free shipping.


Reclaimed wood accent wall wood paneling
ready to install on any surface in your home or office
bundles come pre packed in 25 sq ft packs
each board is milled and ready to use.


All of our planks are milled and squared, ready for install. The boards are 55” long by 7” wide by 1/4” thick


All of our planks have gray and brown color tones with natural imperfections such as knot holes


Make sure you add 20% to the size of your wall for waste cuts.



If your wall is 10’ x 10’ – that is 100 sq ft, you will need to add 20% to that for waste which equals 120 sq ft. You will need 120 sq ft to complete a 100 sq ft wall!


Installation instructions:
To install you will need liquid nails and nails. ( a brad nail gun will make this process go buy much faster)


Tools needed:

Miter saw
Hammer/nail gun
Table saw or circular saw

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RECLAIMED WOOD PLANKS (25 sq ft bundles)